Renée Mizgala - Artist's Statement

My art speaks of nature and of it's beauty we sometimes take for granted; and it is with a constant sense of discovery that I seek to paint the language of nature, using colour and form to create emotion as well as a visual picture.

Beauty is all around us, even in what some may consider ugly or mundane – it is all in the way it is portrayed.

My primary medium is watercolour, although I have recently begun using coloured pencil, pastel and water-based oils, experimenting with their use singly or in mixed media paintings. However, my first love is still watercolour, as I find the spontaneity of the medium suited to my personality and to the subjects I choose to paint.

Edgar Whitney, a well-known  watercolourist, once said “The degree to which painting achieves success equals the emotional involvement of the artist.”   No truer words were ever spoken  as I feel each painting is a challenge and a joy, but most of all it is a spiritual journey for me and, I hope, for the viewer.